Customized Programs for Yacht Owners

Exclusive Merritt program for qualified Merritt S/F yacht owners (underwritten by Travelers)
Exclusive Cabo program for qualified Cabo S/F owners
(underwritten by Travelers)
Enhancements contained within these programs can include preferred rates, increased fishing tackle coverage, charter coverage and reduced deductibles.

Comprehensively enhanced yacht policies are specifically designed for yachts valued at $1 million and above with with full-time crew employed.

Extended navigation, fine arts coverage, war/confiscation coverage and high limits of liablity coverage available.

Programs with coverage geared towards the unique needs of charter fishing boats and guide boats worldwide.

Under these policies, coverage can be extended to include broader coverage such as the added value of fishing tackle, crew employed on the vessel and extended navigation limits for cruising in geograpically broader range. All items are available upon request.